The sorcery.

You’re sassy and fussy,
And have a mind of your own.
You shower me with love and affection,
But only when you want my phone.

 You insist on long baths and longer walks,
You have no concept of time.
Your meltdowns are frequent and epic,
It’s almost a crime.

When it’s time for your veggies or your meds,
You’re a stubborn Taurean bull.
Yet you won’t stop eating your M&M’s,
Even when you are full.

 You refuse to sleep even if it’s midnight,
You know just which buttons to push.
You won’t say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’,
And it makes me want to smack your tush.

 You charm us with your giggles and smiles,
Your hugs and kisses always linger.
You drive us crazy with your impudence,
Yet you have us wrapped around your little finger.



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